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How To Submit a PSA

If your church or other non-profit 501(c)3 organization has an event coming up that is free & open to the public we can help you get the word out! The amount of airplay an announcement receives will vary, dependent upon how many events we have that happen before or in the same time frame.

90.9 KWRB reserves the right to edit event information or decline an event in order to meet broadcasting standards.

We also ask that churches do not submit more than two public service announcements at a time. We ask this to keep things fair so all the hard-working churches in our area get a chance to have their announcements aired as well. Thanks for your understanding on this.

If you wish to promote an event more often and you are a non-profit organization (must have 501-(C)3 from IRS) then you are eligible to underwrite spots (air-time) from 90.9 KWRB. If you wish to do so, go to our Big Time Promotions section.


1 .All announcements must be submitted at least two weeks in advance by mail or online. Due to the time sensitive nature and the time it takes to produce spots, if your event is less than two weeks, we will not be able to air it. In fairness to everyone who submits their announcement on time, there are NO exceptions to this rule.

2. Only basic information is needed. Remember the Who, What, When, Where and Why.

3. All announcements must have a contact name and phone number attached. If not, we can not run the announcement. This info is needed in case there is a question.

4. During a very heavy event period, 90.9 KWRB reserves the right to pick and chose the events that we feel will be of most value to the audience we serve.

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